Many of our year-thirteen students found being prepared for the internationally standardized Cambridge English Exam in year 11 and 12 a worth-while investment in the improvement of their English language skills English, serving  as a basis for a successful international job career or as a qualifying condition for being accepted at universities. Each year around 30 students voluntarily face the challenge of taking Cambridge exams at levels B2, C1 and C2 at our school, with an overall pass rate of 100%.

Eighteen successful examinees came up with the idea of finding out themselves about study conditions at the elite universities in Oxford and Cambridge. This idea finally was put into practice and turned out to be one of the most interesting educational journeys for all participants, sharing their experiences in London, Oxford and Cambridge with interest, curiosity and fun. A memorable incentive tour for everybody involved.

Many thanks to the “Förderverein Herderschule” and our headmaster Mr Tross with their financial contributions which enabled us to do the tour of the Globe Theatre / London and our day excursion to Cambridge. Their financial support also made it possible for some students to participate in the tour who otherwise would not have been in the position of being part of this experience.

Andreas Loos



THURSDAY, 2nd Feb. Flight FRA - LHR 12:00 / Check-in Wombat's City Hostel

FRIDAY, 3rd Feb. Bus-Transfer London - Oxford / 12:30 Conducted University and City Walk (90 mins)

SATURDAY, 4 Feb. Free Time - Museums / Camden Lock Market / Shopping / Food spree etc. (as you like it)

SUNDAY, 5 Feb. Conducted tour Shakespeare's Globe 12:15 (2 hrs)

MONDAY 6 Feb. Train journey LST (Liverpool Street Station 8:00 & 8:20) – Cambridge

Cambridge Language Assessment meeting focus group 10:00 - 11:30

Conducted museum tour of Cambridge University Press 11:40 - 12:30

Conducted tour of historic Cambridge and Colleges 2:30 - 4:30 Train journey Cambridge (5:30) - LST

TUESDAY 7 Feb. Flight LHR - FRA 18:30 

Any non-activity times may be used for individual free time

Angela Wright, Product & Marketing Manager at Cambridge University Press and Assessment wrote in a follow-up email after our visit to Cambridge:

We found your groups feedback very valuable and we were very impressed by their level of English.”



1  Hallal Embaye

2  Mika Beck,

3  Emma Lang,

4  Ellen Mamberger,

5  Paula Müller,

6  Carlotta Rhiel,

7  Justus Zorn,

8  Malu Demand,

9  Benjamin Smith,

10 Laura Braun,

11 Luca Wiedenhöfer,

12 Fiona Barth,

13 Trang Nguyen, ,

14 Paul Weidauer,

15 Vanessa Enus,

16 Gabriela Gheorgita,

17 Stella Kiy,

18 Alex Krain,

19 Anke Kelly, (teacher / sheperon)

20 Andreas Loos, (teacher / sheperon)



No. P 18: The idea behind the journey

No. P 10 + P 40: Breakfast at the Wombat’s  Hostel / London

No. P5 + P 36: Located near by this glorious building:

No. P 15: Exploring student life in Oxford: Keble College Chapel

No. P31: Radcliffe Camera Oxford – Where millions of books are stored underground

No. P 8: Hertford College Bridge of Sighs – not in Venice – but in Oxford

No. P 14: An outdoor lecture in front of University College / Oxford, where Einstein studied

No.: P16 + P38: After a long day in Oxford: Taking a break at the local Oxford food market

No. P 3: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre stage – Explained by our brilliant guide and RSC-actor Clive

No. P 34: Fascinated audience at the Upper Gallery Seating at the Globe Theatre

No. P 11: The historic Globe building on the River Thames / London

No. P 39: Travelling in London by Tube needs orientation

No. P 1+ P 37 + P 19: ContrastingLondon  architecture in  different  shapes  and  sizes

No. P 32 + P 17: Difficulties in managing to guess where we went?? Here’s a clue…

No. P. 41 + P 2: Professional work with the Cambridge University Press and Assessment focus group

No. P 42 + P 20: Discovering Cambridge and its Colleges with Jonny, our favourite guide

No. P 6: Yes, they’re still around…

No. P 7: And he certainly is, too, Big Ben

No. P 33: Farewell to the misty spirit of London – St. Catherine’s Docks

No. P 29: Let’s get back here then, some time…